Chrysalis Close Up Smaller

Chrysalis explores the archetypal human emotions that are triggered by confined spaces. Percussionist Matthias Schack-Arnott has collaborated with Büro Architects to create a unique structure that is both a percussion instrument and an architectural micro-space. Alone and enclosed in complete darknesss, one person at a time experiences the work from inside the structure. Matthias uses falling grains of rice and sand to perform on the exterior walls, creating an immersive 10-minute composition that references live burial and pre-natal experience.
Concept, Composition, Performance: Matthias Schack-Arnott
Design: Büro Architects – Paul von Chrismar, Bronwyn Stocks & Scarlett Moloney
Construction: Adam Stewart


After its debut season at the 2012 Next Wave Festival, Chrysalis heads to Denmark’s premiere contemporary music and sound art festival, SPOR.
9-12 May
Spanien 19B
Mellemarmen, Exhibition Space
Aarhus, Denmark

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