‘Small Worlds’ Release


A concert to celebrate the release of Quiver’s new release ‘Small Worlds’ on Perth based exploratory music label Tone List.
With Support from Evelyn Ida Morris (Pikelet) – piano/voice.

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Anicca on ABC Classic FM


ABC Classic FM have realesed the full (50 minute) audio recording of Anicca, along with the post-show interview through their New Waves podcast. Listen here. 

New Videos Online


New videos of recent projects now online in the video section of the website.

Melbourne Festival x3


I am involved in three projects in this year’s Melbourne Festival.


My new six-channel sound installation for MPavilion, ‘Gloamer’, is featured nightly at sunset as part of the festival. The work is for resonant metallic percussion instruments, sine tones and gestural microphones, and was composed in response to the unique design elements of Amanda Lavete’s MPavilion, synced to an immersive lighting design by bluebottle. If you miss it as part of the festival, the work’s season will be continuing until Febuary 2016. More info here.

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MPavilion – New Work


Excited to be creating a new 30minute work for MPavilion in collaboration with British architect Amanda Levete and Ben Cobham from bluebottle, to be played every evening at sunset from October to Feb!

As the sun sets each night, AL_A’s gently swaying MPavilion will perform its own evening ritual. Installed where the structure’s roof petals and carbon fibre poles meet, LEDs will create scattered halos of light, synchronised to an immersive sound piece created by Speak Percussion, performed by the building itself. Unfolding nightly throughout MPavilion’s 2015 season, the sunset ritual is a collaboration between architect Amanda Levete, lighting designer Ben Cobram of bluebottle, and Matthias Schack-Arnott of Speak Percussion. Set yourself a sunset reminder and greet the darkness in a digital forest.

More info on MPavilion here.

New Solo at Supersense


Excited to have been commissioned to make a new solo for Arts Centre’s Supersense Festival – potentially the most exciting festival to be curated in Melbourne in the last decade. Save the date!

6.30pm, 7 August 2015

Diplopia is a solo percussive work exploring a unique gestural vocabulary. Matthias uses tiny wireless lapel microphones attached to his wrists to amplify the resonances of massed chinese cymbals. Shifting harmonic patterns cycle in and out of audibility as asymmetric shapes are simultaneously articulated in sound and gesture. Informed by vision defects in which misaligned eyes see one object as two, Diplopia is a work in which resonating objects are channeled through the cracked mirror of an imperfect binary system. No attack and all sustain, the work is influenced by ambient aesthetics, with undercurrents of secret theatre and ritual.

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Theatre Press & Artshub


A few nice reviews of my recent season of Fluvial at Arts House…

Hypnotic, evocative and engrossing…It’s an enchanting piece of work that allows you to slow down and not only truly appreciate what you are watching and hearing, but also reflect on the effect it is having on you.Theatre Press 

A brilliant performance by Matthias Schack-Arnott that brings to life a dark and frenetic urban resonance… Even during the performances most intense moments Schack-Arnott remains totally in control of his instrument and plays with a deft touch and grace.’ Artshub

Metropolis New Music Festival


Speak is presenting three world premieres on the opening night of this year’s Metropolis New Music Festival.

Between two parts there is an intermission of a hundred thousand years features new compositions by three of Australia’s finest young composers – Alex Garsden, Jeanette Olivia Little and Peter de Jager. Three contrasting works move between intricate keyboard writing, polyphonic tapestries, post modern collages, video projection and trandsucer activated gongs. The audience and performers will shift between the different performance spaces of the Melbourne Recital Centre for each of the works.

Presented by the Melbourne Recital Centre & Speak Percussion for the Metropolis New Music Festival

7:30pm Monday 4 May

Elisabeth Murdoch Hall & Salon, Melbourne Recital Centre


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Fluvial Wins Green Room Award


Delighted to have won a Green Room Award in the category ‘Outstanding Work by an Emerging Artist’ for Fluvial.

Massive thanks to the Fluvial team – Steve Walsh, Lucas Paine, Travis Hodgson & Lisa De Silva.

To see full list of nominations and recipients, click here.

Interview on Radio National


Last week I spoke on Radio National’s Drive program, in conversation with John Wolesley about the influence of natural themes on our work. You can listen back to the segment here.